TVS Ntorq vs Honda Grazia vs Aprilia SR 125

If you’re looking for cool, fun to ride and agile 125cc scooter if yes then you’re in the right place.

Scooters the most selling two-wheeler in India. Since there evolution from the transactions of being simple and more convenient and comfortable for the mass people to being fast, agile and featured packed.

And today we’re gonna compare TVS Ntorq vs Honda Grazia vs Aprilia SR125.

Ntorq vs Grazia vs SR 125

Ntorq vs Grazia vs SR 125 |



If you compare these three design wise the TVS Ntorq looks more flashy, aerodynamic and stealthy from all angles. But the front looks a little dull and less cool which is not that bad either not that good effect to it but the rear makes it overall sporty design.

TVS Ntorq got so many textures and colours going on that maybe everyone’s not going love it. But the overall package is a great effort from TVS Motors. But it’s not necessarily the best scooter in the fit and finish department in this list.

Honda Grazia doesn’t have the dramatic design like the other two here. But Honda Grazia looks are neat, clean, simple and crisp. All the body panels are perfectly aligned and the textures look great, even if they don’t look energetic as much as the TVS Ntorq’s.

Grazia’s design is just as a sporty outlook for the Honda Motors and Scooters India and because it’s popularity suggests that this is a great recipe.

The Aprilia SR 125, on the other hand, is blatantly sporty with it’s tall-ish and edgy stance it looks like the most suitable to motorcycle alternative.

At the front-end, the beak is just done almost right and it’s slim, tail-end has minimalist looks which is fantastic, by far this is the best sporty looking scooter in India right now.

But there are some disappointments in the Aprilia SR 125 scooter the build quality lets you down, for example, the plastic quality feels cheap and outdated it doesn’t feel premium which is not that flimsy but as compare to the TVS Ntorq and Honda Grazia the Aprilia SR 125 is a fair bit of distance away.


TVS Ntorq

TVS Ntorq |


TVS Ntorq

The 124.7cc 3 valve engine of TVS Ntorq makes a healthy 9.4bhp and 10.5nm of torque which makes it an encouraging performance package. It feels strong and quick when being launched from 0-60kmph in just 8.81 seconds which makes TVS Ntorq the quickest of the lot.

The exhaust note on the TVS Ntorq feels rather RTR-ish which sounds racy till it hit 60kmph after that it just fade away into a more scooter-ish soundtrack. The engine does a fantastic job with no vibrations and feels consistent and keeps up the momentum all the way to the end of its top speed 95.4kmph.

The heavy throttle response may not appeal to the mass market but it takes it to the substantial feel to its performance, which feels terrific in the city and on the highway as well. TVS Ntorq’s engine gives a good balance of performance and efficiency.

Honda Grazia

Honda Grazia |


Honda Grazia

As all the Honda scooters that have the same type of engine package, Honda Grazia’s engine also didn’t make the difference because it has the same muted and linear fashion power delivery which is not that exhilarating.

Honda Grazia’s 124.9cc engine produces 8.5bhp and 10.54nm of torque, it starts off with a refined note and continues to stay that way until it hit about 65kmph. After that, it loses its constant power and composure and feels that is all the punchiness and refinement this engine has to offer.

It has a top speed of 87.9kmph if you persist, but it clearly makes it out of Honda Grazia’s comfort zone. It accelerates from 0-60kmph in 9.2 seconds and it feels stress-free at urban speeds. Honda Grazia is a friendly happy city scooter which simply lacks the energetic excitement that you expects from a 125cc scooter.

Aprilia SR 125

Aprilia SR 125 |


Aprilia SR 125

Aprilia SR 125cc 3 valve engine sounds gruff and feels just as effortless as the TVS Ntorq. Aprilia SR 125cc engine produces 9.52bhp and 9.8nm of torque which SR 125 makes less torque compared to the others.

Its throttle feels lightest in the wrist, considering that SR 125 is the heaviest scooter on the lot 122kg (TVS Ntroq 116kg and Honda Grazia 107kg) but despite its heavy weight it still feels the peppiest. It may seem to hit the flat spot momentarily on closing to the 60kmph shown on the speedometer.

Aprilia SR 125 accelerates from 0-60kmph in 10.9 seconds which makes the SR 125 the slowest scooter of the lot. Aprilia SR125 reached an impressive top speed of 100.6kmph.

Ride and Handling

We start with the lightest scooter on the lot Honda Grazia which get 12-inch front tyre and 10-inch rear tyre which is fun but let’s just say not that sporty. Honda Grazia feels stable and flickable too, but its ergonomics doesn’t feel suitable through cuts and twists.

Honda Grazia

Honda Grazia |


The seating position of the Honda Grazia has such handlebars that it fouls with your knees whenever executing a U-turn. The floorboard feels the most generous of the three and is certainly spacious enough for a pillion which also gets body coloured grab rails to hold on to it.

Honda Grazia’s telescopic front forks almost feel like trailing link unit, it’s moderately pliant and doesn’t take potholes and undulations as nicely as the other two scooters.

The rear shock sprung softly, Grazia’s handling package is a conservative one and in the corners, it feels indulgent but has its limits which are well within sight.

The CBS (Combined Braking System) is a tried and tested feature on the all Hondas, and is paired with a single disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. Honda Grazia’s braking package is not the best, but it does the job well enough.

Aprilia SR 125 is fun and sporty but it’s not the best scooter for those below average height. The SR 125 has a very sharp handling with its response are instinctive and feels addictive. SR 125 rides on 14-inch wheels which gives you so much confidence with a leaned over quite an aggressive seating position.


Its brakes are a bit too sharp which creates a dramatic front-end lock-ups if you’re careless with the brake lever, but it does stop the scooter from 60kph to 0 in a very short distance. For newer riders, it is an area of concern from a safety point of view.

Aprilia SR 125’s suspension setup gives you outstanding feedback at corners which only works on smooth tarmac, but you and I both know smooth tarmac in India are very rare to find. The telescopic fork at the front feels almost rigid with constant jarring coming through handlebars.

At first, it feels acceptable but after a while, it gets annoying and painful at the same time. Aprilia SR 125’s front-end picks up all kinds of tarmac roughness even if the tarmac is smooth and plane it still feels a very bumpy ride.

Aprilia SR 125’s seat is narrow, firm and has a downside slopping design to it which is not good on the longer stints.

TVS Ntorq

TVS Ntorq |


TVS Ntorq has great mature ride quality just feels amazing compared to SR 125, Ntorq’s ride quality is probably the best has ever offered in India in the scooter segment. It handles potholes well and has a plushness to it the way it approaches the speed breakers.

TVS Ntorq’s handling is not the razor sharp but it handles well around the corners and gives you a certain amount of confidence during your sharp cornering which feels great. Ntorq get 12-inch wheels at both ends which feels responsive and feels well balanced.

TVS Ntorq’s seating position is a bit commuter-ish which looks a little odd considering its sporty looks, but then all is forgiven due to the soft seat which is probably the best seat in its class. Ntorq’s riding position really works in city traffic conditions, because it steers very well even in the tightest of situations.

TVS Ntorq’s brakes feel confident and strong which are far much better than the SR 125’s front brakes which gets locked-up, Ntorq’s brakes are very well balanced.


Unlike the previous generation, today’s scooter buyers are always expected to be very well loaded with new-tech and cool gadgets.

And TVS Ntorq did that just well it comes with a front disc brake an engine kill switch a comprehensive digital instrument cluster with a SmartXonnect Phone Pairing feature and has an under seat USB charger with an illuminated storage area which really is a thoughtful touch.

The switch gears on the TVS Ntorq has a good quality but looks tiny compared to the other two here which is a bit odd. Ntorq’s digital instrumental cluster features lap timer, engine temperature gauge but no tachometer but has an array of features in it and gets two neatly integrated buttons for operating the functions.

Ntorq’s headlight beam gives you a quite poor vision compared to the other which is a downside. Other than that its a very well feature rich scooter.

Honda Grazia has a segment first LED headlights which are quite impressive. Grazia’s LED units give you a genuinely good beam and output for a much better vision during the night. In fact, Honda Grazia raised the bar high on the scooter segment that other brands need to catch up.

Much like the TVS Ntorq Honda Grazia also gets a fully digital instrumental cluster with the tachometer in it. As compared to the TVS Ntorq digital instrumental cluster Honda Grazia’s digital instrumental cluster has not much to offer which is a bit disappointing.

And during the sunlight Grazia’s digital cluster is little hard to read, because of that curved plastic shroud that sits on a top. But, it’s easy to use and the uncomplicated layout works very well for a everyday use.

Honda Grazia also offers a USB charger which is optional and also gets an enclosed storage compartment which is non-lockable in the apron area.

And then there’s Aprilia SR 125 features which gets an analogue instrumental cluster and that’s about it, nothing more. But, SR 125 advantage over the other two is bigger fuel tank of 7 litres compared to Grazia’s 5.3 litres and Ntorq’s 5 litres.

Even the side stand and grab rails are offered as extras on the SR 125, and then there’s that seat strap which is usable but somehow make your pillion look very questionable.

Ntorq vs Grazia vs SR 125

Ntorq vs Grazia vs SR 125 |


Final Verdict

TVS Ntorq impresses the most it has so many features compared to the other two here with the much better ride and handling and practicality to appeal more. With a price tag of Rs.58,750 (ex-showroom), it directly undercuts its rivals and its a great value for money package.

TVS Ntorq gives a fuel economy of 45kpl in the city and 49.1kpl on the highway.

Honda Grazia priced at Rs.62,505 (ex-showroom) it neither quickest nor the comfiest scooter around. But it’s the LED headlight that contributes in this price tag which is a welcome feature in today’s world of scooters.

It may not be the most exciting scooter but it’s something that you can’t go wrong with it. If you’re looking for a not so sporty 125cc scooter if yes, then Honda Grazia is best for you. Honda Grazia gives a fuel economy of 44.9kpl in the city and a remarkable 57.6kpl on the highway.

Aprilia SR 125 priced at Rs.66,764 (ex-showroom) not only it is the most expensive scooter in this segment but also has much less to offer. The front suspension is stiff and unsettling which makes your ride very miserable, it is built for mostly fanboy racers (in my opinion).

Aprilia SR 125 gives a fuel economy of 40.6kpl in the city and 43.3kpl on the highway making it the least fuel efficient scooter on the lot.

Now it’s up to you choose which one is best for you.

Thanks for reading.

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