Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019

Mercedes Benz showcased Vision Urbanetic it’s autonomous technology vans at the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2019).

CES 2019
CES 2019 |

On CES 2019 there are so many different types of innovations and technology previewed and Mercedes Benz is one of them. Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic concept previews there autonomous technology and how they can connect with the people moving and goods transport.

Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019
Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019 |

The Vision Urbanetic is an autonomous car that drives itself on the road or on the highway and has two body options that can be used as an outfit depending on your occasion.

First body cabin can hold up to 12 passengers and the second body can carry up to 10 cubic meters of cargo but depends on how you organize the cargo. The Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic concept has an electrically powered chassis that can be attached or can be detached on both of these bodies.

The concept shows that the fully connected networked vehicle can be uses as commercial vehicle or you can also used as a personal mobility with the help of digital technology.

The German car manufacturer said that the Mercedes Benz Vision Vans has an ability to collect the data from owners everyday life and can adapt and adjust the ecosystem of the car to give the best and foremost environment that the driver can expect.

Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019
Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019 |

Because of the certain experiences and scepticism that we all saw in the newspapers regarding autonomous driving, the Mercedes Benz wants to change the people’s point of view on the autonomous driving.

Mercedes Benz said that they want to create a working solution that can be focused on the peoples individuality, ability to make decisions and give the people a much better freedom.

The Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic concept’s creation goal was to create a balance between people and technology that can be able to build trust and bond over the autonomous technology.

The Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic concept uses a 360-degree view camera that has various types of sensors that creates a total surrounding view within your display and the sensors keep communicates actively with the system.

The Vision Urbanetic concept also features a large display in front of the car that creates an special animation that can able to informed or warn the pedestrians who are crossing on the streets or on the road so they can already be on a alert.

The concept also features an active display on the side door of a car or module that creates an digital shadowing on the side door that helps pedestrians to informed them.

There is at least several hundreds light that creates a signal for the approaching pedestrians that they can recognize the Vision Urbanetic car or a van from the long distances.

Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019
Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic CES 2019 |

The German luxury car manufacturer said that they are pursuing an ambitious project and showcasing there future vision by creating the Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic concept.

The Vision Urbanetic concept can create an alternate for transporting more peoples and goods transport with much better efficiency with fewer vehicles on the streets and highways that can help the cities and the states to make much better growth and speed.

It will grow the mobility in the inner cities and at the same time, it will give the customers freedom that they can fulfil their desire and requirements.

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