Jeep Compass Review 2019

Today we’re gonna review the mighty Jeep Compass and to test what is all the fuss is about. In this article, you will get a detailed review of the Jeep Compass based on various categorizations.

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |

Fiat Chrysler Automobile India launches the most awaited SUV in 2017 the Jeep Compass on 12 April 2017. The Jeep Compass gets the design inspirations from Jeep Compass’s bigger siblings like Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In this present era the popularity of the jeep is just growing faster. Jeep Compass is now the best and most liked sports utility vehicle in India. It has been a new gift to the jeep lovers.

This new compass has been added with new features which are quite exciting for the owner. The petrol is 1.4-litre multi air which is having variable valve actuation and turbo.

The 1.4-litre multi-air petrol engine which produces a healthy 163bhp of power at 6,600rpm and 260nm of torque at 2,600rpm-4,000rpm and is mated to gearbox options one being a 6-speed manual transmission with a fuel efficiency of 14.3km/l mileage and the second being 7-speed DDCT automatic transmission with a 14.1km/l mileage.

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |

While in diesel engine it is 2.0-litre multi jet II engine. It has been made top power petrol and diesel with four-wheel drive and nine-speed auto. It has also been better for the off-roading driving too. Coming to fuel consumption, it is a great one to be economical about fuel usage.

The Jeep Compass’s 2.0-litre multijet II diesel engine produces a maximum 173bhp of power at 3,760rpm and the 360nm of torque at 1,760rpm-2,600rpm and is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with a fuel efficiency of 17.1km/l.

The design of the Jeep Compass is quite stylish which has also taken great care of the safety purpose of the riders of the car too.

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |

Interiors of jeep compass

  • 7-inch driver information digital cluster display
  • Dual pane sunroof.
  • Innovative features added to raise the adventurous experience.
  • The comfort of the rider has been given high priority
  • Leather-trimmed seat
  • Variety of colour option available.
  • Front seats an rear seat s are having leather-trimmed black colour seats with cattle tan accent stitching
  • Front seated is adjustable in eight ways which can give maximum comfort. And it is also having a heating system which can make you comfortable in winter mornings too.
  • Unlimited and technologically advanced entertainment sources and communication. All can be controlled through a 4.8-inch display at the front side.
  • Have a lot of space for the cargo hence you can take the car anywhere for the long tour too.
  • Get radio station playing while driving
  • Control and connectivity are one as per the convenience of the driver.

Exteriors of Jeep Compass

  • This car is just the perfect one to go off driving at any time and at any place.
  • It is just the perfect companion for your adventure ride
  • The two-tone black coloured roof makes it look stylish
  • Wheel made of aluminium alloy. The dimension varies from 16 inches to 19 inches. This also added to the style of the car in many ways.
  • The pockets of the wheels are painted black, grey or glossy black.
  • The jeep is having high-intensity discharge headlamps which improve the visibility. The tail lamps are given LED lamps. They are quite easily visible by the other road users at any time of the day and night.
  • The life gate of the cargo carrier is automatic and hence it is easy to load and unload.
  • Get the signature wheels, distinctive wheel arches.

Features and uses of the Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |

In sports 1.4 multi air petrol and limited edition of the Jeep Compass

  • Fuel efficiency is average
  • Seat-belt
  • A warning light was given for low fueling
  • Door ajar warning
  • GPS navigation
  • Front and rear fog lamps are provided to the car
  • Ac and heater are inbuilt in the car
  • Steering adjustment
  • Steering mounted audio included
  • 12V power outlets
  • Rear parking sensor and camera
  • Push start stop button
  • Lumbar support provided
  • Climate control
  • Height adjustable driver’s seat provided
  • Armrest for front seat and rear seat
  • Get the front cup holders
  • Keyless entry
  • Upholstery
  • Electrically adjustable rear view mirror.

Safety feature of the jeep compass

  • Sensor on the back side of the car which help to determine the relative distance . also this help in identifying any object that the car is crossing
  • Blind spot monitoring helps in navigate between lanes. It check the lanes beside the vehicle
  • There are a rear camera which helps in parking
  • There is a warning symbol given in forward collision which can be done by active braking.
  • Airbags and passenger airbags are provided
  • Hiss assist
  • Electronically program for stability
  • Immobilizer of the engine is provided
  • Traction control is added
  • Central locking as well as child locking can be done
  • Even you can have the power door lock
  • Headlamp beam adjuster
  • Indicators can be turned on ORVM

Pros and cons

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |


  • Available in both petrol and diesel version
  • Seven slat grill
  • Great design
  • 2.0-liter engine is responsive one
  •  6 speed manual which is very smooth
  • The entertainment device can support Apply car play and android auto.


  • Boot space which is 438 litre is not so good.
  • The rear seats are a bit crowdy for three adults.
  • It has a high turning radius.

Variant of the Jeep Compass

It comes in four different variants. With the two engine options which are the petrol version, the diesel version.

Among them, the four variants are top spec Jeep Compass Sport, Jeep Compass Longitude, Jeep Compass Limited and Jeep Compass Limited Plus trims.

Each of them is having some difference among them. it is basically on the drivers who will be driving the vehicle.

It is better to check out the specification of each of the variants before buying them. Each of them is having something special about them.

But each of them maintains the main standard  of the features of the Jeep Compass latitude anyway.

There’s also a new variant is coming up which is Jeep Compass Trail Hawk which is beefed up high-tech hardcore off-roader version which will be launched in 2019.

Jeep Compass 2019
Jeep Compass 2019 |

Final words

Over this entire vehicle is just the perfect SUV that many people desire to have. Moreover, it is shaving everything which is technologically advanced.

It has many attractive features which are attracting many people to buy this car. Most importantly they have cared to the convenience of the riders which was not focused in the earlier model. Another best part of the vehicle is that it comes for both the petrol and diesel version.

Overall this has been a quite affordable car. This car has been recently launched in India, the year 2017. People of India have gladly accepted this car overwhelmingly.

So what do you think of the mighty Jeep Compass let me know on the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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