Best Car Air Freshener & Spray 2019 (Handpicked)

In today’s guide, we will learn which are the best car air freshener and spray in 2019 handpicked by myself. If you want to know how to make your car smell good then you have to read the whole article.

So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

So why you need the car air freshener?

Well, to begin with, car air fresheners are not new to this world, to eliminate the unpleasant smells inside your car or SUV’s cabin you need to use some sort of fragrance to reduce the odours of unpleasant smell.

One of the key benefits of using the best car perfume is that it will make your long ride much more happy and enjoyable and less of a distract and stressful.

There are some people out there in this world that they smoke a cigarette while driving their car or parked their car on the side of a highway just to smoke the cigarette or sometimes our beloved pets just urinated on the car floor or on the seats.

Because of this and many more car cabins smelling problem, you need to use car air freshener, perfume or spray to get rid of that unpleasant smell.

So here are the best smelling car air freshener in India 2019 handpicked by me.

Godrej Aer Twist Gel Car Air Freshener

Godrej Aer Twist

Godrej Aer Twist |


The Godrej brand is very popular in India with their so many products in so many different segments one of the products from their line-up is Godrej car air fresheners.

In the latest and best air freshener for car, Godrej Aer Twist Gel has to be one of the strongest car air fresheners on our best car air freshener and spray 2019 list.

The Godrej Aer Twist Gel Cool Surf Blue is one of my favourite good car air freshener fragrance from the Godrej company. It is inspired by the smooth sea breeze flowing over the coral reefs in Mauritius (not my words it’s from Godrej).

But I loved its design and the way its fragrance flows through the cabin and clear the air removing the unwanted air and smell. It gives you nice and relaxes feeling whenever on the car air freshener.

And the same thing goes for the off process you just need to twist the upper top to turn off the fragrance. When you on the Godrej Aer Twist car freshener it will clear the unwanted air and smell from your car cabin and gives you the nice smell of fragrance with so many fragrances to choose from.

My Shaldan Orange Gel Car Air Freshener

My Shaldan Orange

My Shaldan Orange |


Founded in 1948 My Shaldan Air Fresheners is originated in Japan. My Shaldan is a natural car air freshener made with 500 oranges peel contain on a one can which is remarkable. My Shaldan is a high -quality gel car air freshener and has a limonene.

It is one of the oldest brands is here and you will love it. The fragrance lasted about a month or so but it is worth to try.

Involve One Musk Organic Perfume

Involve One Musk

Involve One Musk |


Involve One Musk is a 100 per cent leak and spill proof it can be used in bigger size luxury SUVs and sedans. Because of its compact packaging, it can easily fit into your dashboard or in your car cup holder.

You can easily increase or decrease the aroma evaporation by simply using the sliding button.

Involve One Musk is one of the long lasting car air fresheners that can run up to 60 days. And the best of all is that its a Made In India product for the Indian weather conditions.

Areon Passion Gel Car Air Freshener

Areon Passion Gel

Areon Passion Gel |


The Areon Passion Gel is one of the most environment-friendly car air fresheners around here on our list. The Areon is Bulgarian company which was established in 1990 by Dmitar Balev.

You can just put your Areon Passion Gel can on your dashboard and you will get an immediate fragrance of its essential oils and aromatic blends of scents.

Hungerage Auto Air Perfume

Hungerage Auto Air Perfume

Hungerage Auto Air Perfume |


Its stylish Mic design with everlasting fragrance silicon technology can last up to 1 year long. It has a metallic chrome finish with a cool looking dashboard accessory. The car perfume refill is available with different types of fragrances.

Its undesirable smell goes through inside your car cabin and gives you a guaranteed convey of a sweet and fantastic fragrant drive for the each and every time you drive your car.

Godrej Air Freshener Spray Lush Green

Godrej Air Freshener Spray Lush Green

Godrej Air Freshener Spray Fresh Lush Green |


The Godrej Air Freshener Fresh Lush Green spray is one of my favourite car air freshener spray in our handpicked list. It gives you feeling that you are really in a fresh grass field which is such an amazing feeling that you will love it.

It’s a fantastic spray that you really should try for once because of its nature hugging fragrance. It can last up to 60 days depends on how you use in your car or home.

Ambi Pur Air Effect Rose and Blossom Air Freshener

Ambi Pur Spray Rose and Blossom

Ambi Pur Spray Rose and Blossom |


This Ambi Pur Rose and Blossom fragrance probably the second best air freshener spray on our list with because of its ability to remove the unpleasant odour from your car and gives a subtle and beautiful smell to make you relax and joyful whenever you are driving.

Ambi Pur has a very tried and tested products in their line-up and there Ambi Pur Air Freshener Spray with Rose and Blossom fragrance which is one of the best products which gives you the best results.

Airwick Freshmatic Complete Kit – Automatic Air Freshener – Summer Delights

Airwick Automatic Air Freshener Summer Delights

Airwick Automatic Air Freshener Summer Delights |


Airwick Automatic Air Freshener with the Summer Delights fragrance is probably the one of its kind, with this complete kit you get the 3 fragrance intensity settings with low, medium and high that can be operated by the slide button.

The complete also includes one device, two AA batteries and one refill spray. The device can spray up to 2,400 times within a single refill. And the one refill can long up to 60 days which is remarkable considering its spray times.

The fragrance combines with the Fresh White Florals, Sweet Melon and Subtle Vanilla with all these this scents combine it gives you such remarkable scent.

So there you are, these are the handpicked best car air freshener by me. Tell me what you think with about my handpicked best car air freshener and spray 2019 list let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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