All New Range Rover Evoque 2019 Reveal

Land Rover just reveal the all-new second-generation Range Rover Evoque which looks so beautiful that I instantly fall in love with it.

Land Rover organize the world premiere event at the London East End for the second generation Evoque. The premium, compact and hugely popular SUV’s pricing and the launch timing will be revealed at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show on February 19.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

Range Rover Evoque 2019 |


The new Range Rover Evoque’s design is evolved from the old generation model and looks more polished to keep up with the Range Rover Family.

The all-new Evoque is a little a bit longer than the previous generation which helps to create more legroom for the rear passengers. New Evoque will also be offered with the mild hybrid system drive and with some new innovations.

The new mild hybrid system will have the 48-volt battery connected to the powertrain which will store the energy whenever the SUV will use brakes, and then that stored energy will be able to used to give the 50bhp boost to the engine when the driver will accelerate and this will help to make stopping and starting more efficient than ever.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

Range Rover Evoque 2019 |


There’s also a plug-in hybrid system that will be available after the launch.

The all-new Range Rover Evoque also features first of its kind which Land Rover calls “Clear Sight Rear View Mirror” which is design to alternate the blocking view (if any) with the roof mounted HD camera to give you a clear rear view.

The all-new Range Rover Evoque’s other key features include the two 10-inch High Definition touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The headlights are equipped with LED lamps, there’s an adaptive cruise control with steering assist.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

Range Rover Evoque 2019 |


The new Evoque will also get the Land Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response 2 system with the heads-up display. The cameras are mounted over the grille and the side view mirrors will give you the relay of live videos of the new Evoque’s surroundings through the central console screen.

To recognize your presence there’s also a wristband and the smartphone app that will help the new Evoque to response whenever you approach, the seat and the steering wheel will be automatically adjusted to fit your driving style habits.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

Range Rover Evoque 2019 |


The all-new Range Rover Evoque will also be capable of wading through water at 23.6-inches which is up from 19.7-inches which the previous generation was limited to.

There will be a variety of engines available for the new Evoque from the four-cylinder diesel or petrol engines to mild hybrid and the plug-in electric systems.

In the UK the 2019 Range Rover Evoque is expected to priced at 31,000 thousand pound sterling which is roughly INR 28,09,021 lakh.

What you all think about the all-new Range Rover Evoque let me know on the comments below?

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